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MatchMe memory game

4.7 ( 8427 ratings )
Gry Układanki Strategiczne
Desenvolvedor: Radixweb

Match Me is an excellent test for your visual memory. It’s a matching pair game having two levels of complexities i.e. Easy and Hard. Easy level is having 4 x 4 matrix whereas Hard level has 6 x 6 matrix.

When you start the game, all images are closed. You are requiring to tap or click on any of the image boxes to open it. Then tap on another image box. If both the images match, it’s a pair and both the images are remained opened. Otherwise both the images will be closed.

Here, the key point is to remember the picture and its location. For each game, Images are randomly changed based on different categories.

The number of taps and time taken to complete the game is counted. On Score screen, top 10 players, who have completed the game in minimum number of taps, will be listed.